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We provide ideas and options regards vacation rentals on St. Maarten and St. Martin. In addition, we present information about weather, shopping, activities, car rentals, and the best beaches the island has to offer. “Is St. Maarten or St. Martin a great place for my Caribbean trip?” is one of the most often asked questions by first time visitors. We can assist you answering this question and show you weather conditions, beaches, as well as other interesting stuff about St. Maarten and St. Martin. Get ready for the vibrant nightlife and casinos of St. Maarten. If your favorite is scuba diving, snorkeling, sailing, surfing or deep sea fishing, you will find it here. If you prefer to relax and unwind, you will find plenty of secluded beaches to do so. Amazingly, many of the best things are free – beaches and the nature!

Maximize Your Trip

Reliable and accurate information maximizes your island time. We tell you about beach chair rentals, about what to see, and where the potential traps are. Enjoy this exceptional Caribbean island under the Caribbean sun.

Restaurants of great variety are all over the island. Look for our restaurant reviews and get tips for the best beach bars.
Condo and villa rentals are available on both sides of the friendly island. Renting a villa or a condo is often less expensive than renting a hotel room, as you’ll have the added convenience of on-site amenities. Imagine relaxing over a glass of wine in your temporary home at Ocean front!

Why Do People Come to the Island

What is it that makes vacationers from all over the world return repeatedly to St. Maarten/St. Martin? It is simply its uniqueness! Nowhere else, two different countries are peacefully co-owning such a small piece of land. You will see a lot of smiling faces on “The Friendly Island” of St. Maarten and St. Martin.

This website is not representing the tourist board. It is an independent information source sponsored by villa and vacation rentals by owners and agents of St. Maarten and St. Martin.

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Useful info-bits about beaches, restaurants, rental cars, weather, sightseeing, shopping, things to do, maps, activities, beachfront rentals, airports, money saving advice, apartment rentals, condo rentals, villa rentals, and anything, you would like to know as a first time or returning visitor.